About Waldorful Days

Waldorful Days was founded by Rebecca Delgado in the summer of 2020 and was born out of the demand for Rebecca’s online Waldorf-inspired kindergarten classes. She could see that parents wanted and needed extra support and classes to help them deliver the Waldorf homeschooling experience that they wanted for their families.

At Waldorful Days, our teaching philosophy is based around the idea that every child is unique and how they engage and learn is also unique. It is our role as educators to provide a stimulating, interesting and awe-inspiring educational environment for children of all learning styles and to create an inclusive, supportive and safe learning environment. 

All of our teachers are either qualified Waldorf teachers, or are Waldorf-inspired and have been applying Waldorf ideas into their teachings. Waldorful Days is a wonderful way to bring best teaching practices safely into homes and to reach children that might not have this education near them or in their economic availability.

All of our classes are low-technology, meaning we use Zoom only as a way for learners to interact with a teacher through technology. Our teaching is alive! We do not use screen share to show presentations or videos and we do not use anything pre-recorded, such as songs and stories.

In Summary

  • Founded in 2020
  • We believe every child is unique and it is our role to meet the child where they are at
  • We provide an inclusive, supportive and safe learning environment
  • All our teachers are either Waldorf qualified, or qualified Waldorf-inspired teachers.
  • We bring a Waldorf classroom into your home
  • All of our classes are low technology, using only Zoom as a way of connecting teachers and learners