​Virtual Kindergarten

Welcome to our Waldorf-Inspired Virtual Kindergarten Program

Our Waldorf-Inspired Kindergarten Program combines live lessons, pre-recorded classes and home activities. We explore kindergarten core concepts, such as ELA, kindergarten math, nature, science, social studies and art using strong Waldorf foundations

Our program will provide and deliver everything you need to guide your child through the gentle, creative and holistic journey of Waldorf-inspired Early Years home education while covering important Kindergarten common core concepts.

Our program is taught by qualified Waldorf teachers and uses our teachers’ knowledge and expertise for creating and delivering exceptional curriculum and lessons.

Our online Waldorf-inspired Kindergarten Full Program runs from September to June, and you can join at any time.
​The program is for children aged 5 – 6. 

Before the start of each week parents will receive, via the Classroom Portal, a study plan for the following week as well as a materials list. Each week the teacher will also send activity assignments for the child to work on outside of class time.

These activities will complement what your child is doing in class with their teacher. The teacher will also make available a pre-recorded circle time that you can enjoy daily at home with your child, along with any other pre-recorded content for the current unit.

We bring our rich Waldorf-inspired Kindergarten Program to you through engaging activities including ELA, active math games, nature study, drawing, painting, crafting, treasure hunts, story time, exploration, observation, comparison, discussion, movement and much more.

Our Remote Learning Program consists of FIVE key components:

1. Four 50 min Zoom Sessions a week via Outschool
2. Pre-recorded learning units to complement live classes
3. Weekly pre-recorded Circle Time available in the Classroom Portal
4. Weekly Activities & Assignments uploaded to our Classroom Portal
​ 5. Direct Communication and Support ​with the teacher via your Learner Portal

  • No admission fees
  • Enrolment is week-by week, so you only pay on a monthly basis
  • $75 per week for four 50 minute live Zoom lessons a week and a pre-recorded weekly circle time
  • Includes weekly homeschool activities & assignments set by the teacher
  • Monthly feedback about the progress of your child
  • You can enrol here at any time between September and June
  • Our program is hosted on Outschool, the world’s largest online marketplace for virtual classes for children
  • Payment goes through Outschool’s secure payment system
  • Once you subscribe you will stay subscribed until you withdraw your child
  • A payment of $75 is taken weekly
  • You are not charged anything during school holidays
  • If you are new to Outschool, you can receive $20 off your first class by using this link 
  • Consonants
  • Vowels
  • Upper and Lower Case 
  • Form Drawing
  • Word Families
  • Letter Consolidation
  • Sight Words
  • Phonics Work
  • CVC Words
  • Word & Sentence Writing
  • Grammar
  • Reading
  • Listening to Stories
  • Reinforcement of Monday’s topics
  • Listening to Stories
  • Wet-on Wet Painting
  • Color Exploration
  • Quality of Numbers 1-10
  • Place Value
  • Counting 1 – 100
  • Counting in 10s
  • Addition & Subtraction
  • Word Number Problems
  • Ordinal Numbers
  • Odds and Evens
  • Comparing Numbers (greater than etc)
  • Composing & Decomposing Numbers less than or equal to 10
  • Ten Frames & Tallies
  • Calendar Recognition
  • Measurement & Data
  • Shapes & Patterns
  • Weather Studies
  • Tree and Leaf Study
  • Life Cycles & Habitat
  • Moon Phases
  • Local and World Cultures
  • Citizenship
  • Geography – Local Surroundings
  • Animals and their Behaviours 

Head, Heart, Hands

Rudolf Steiner believed in the unity of the spirit, soul and body, which is reflected in Waldorf schools by the nurturing of the heart, head and hands. It is educating the whole child.

We believe that a child’s work is play. Our program cultivates the power of play, process-before-product and fostering reverence for the season.

​At home, children are gently encouraged to continue their learning by taking part in the weekly complimentary activities set by the teacher.